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Radetzky March

Awarded with the Golden Nymph Award of Monte Carlo

Based on a novel by Joseph Roth
121, 78, and 97 minutes
Directed by Michael Kehlmann
Year of production: 
Max von Sydow, Tilman Günther, Charlotte Rampling, Elena Sofia Ricci, Gert Voss, Karl Heinz Hackl

A young lieutenant of petty bourgeois origin who, after saving the emperor’s life at the battle of Solferino, is celebrated as a hero and has been elevated to the peerage cannot come to terms with how the army justifies its practices in the name of political wisdom and decides to leave. He also forbids his son Franz von Trotta to join. Franz then puts the pressure on his own son, wanting him to revive the grand military tradition of the family. The unstable Carl Joseph, however, finds himself unable to live up to the unattainable ideal of his grandfather. He quits his service after tragic events but ends up dying an unheroic war death nonetheless.


Awarded the Golden Nymph of Monte Carlo 1998 and the Golden Screen Award 1999

Vienna Opera Ball – the ball event of the year – becomes the target of a poison gas attack. The cameras broadcast the disaster live all over Europe. Journalist Kurt Fraser is an eyewitness. He has to watch helplessly as his son, who works as a cameraman, is killed in the attack. Fraser is determined to find the murderers. His investigations lead him to the subversive activities of a neo-Nazi group. The longer he searches the stronger becomes a terrible suspicion: did the broadcaster know of the attack?

Based on a novel by Josef Haslinger
2 x 90 minutes
Directed by Urs Egger
Year of production: 1997
Starring: Heiner Lauterbach, Franca Potente, Gudrun Landgrebe

The Healer

Since childhood, Halfried Seelig has had an unusual gift: she can cure the sick through the laying on of her hands and her mental powers. And yet she could not prevent her father’s death from cancer. She hasn’t used her powers in many years, on the one hand she does not want to embarrass her husband Rudi, the local doctor, on the other she wants to avoid conflict with her daughter Marion, who secretly blames her mother for her grandfather’s death. As a firm believer in and practitioner of conventional medicine, she sees her mother’s alternative methods as dangerous charlatanry.

But then Hailfried accidentally heals a seriously ill patient in her husband’s practice. She sees it as a sign of fate and decides to stop denying her gift. However, while she earns the respect and gratitude of a growing number of patients, her family threatens to break when the conflicts between its members flare up once again.

Directed by Holger Barthel
Year of production: 2004
Starring: Ruth Drexel, Branko Samarovski, Geno Lechner, Markus Boysen, Lea Kurka, Elisabeth Orth, Cornelius Obonya


Halfried tries to distance herself more and more from her healing practices. Due to her past success, however, the number of requests she receives does not diminish. She is also concerned to see the burgeoning ability in her granddaughter Laura. Since her daughter Marion had such difficulties with her own abilities, she tries to pass on an understanding of the gift and what it means to her granddaughter. Marion has returned to the place of her roots and yet she lives a lonely life despite family involvement. It is only with the appearance of a childhood friend that she begins to flourish.

Halfried increasingly has encounters that are new and strange but also fascinating and she sees the level of her ability being enhanced.

Directed by Holger Barthel
Year of production: 2006
Written by Felix Mitterer
Director of photography: Peter von Haller


Directed by Jörg Lühdorff
Written by Walter Kärger
Year of production: 2008
Starring: Vincent Perez, Désirée Nosbusch, Aladin Reibel, Eva Habermann

Anne and her boyfriend Marc are on standby duty for the Tyrolean mountain rescue in the mountain village of Vent when they are called to duty. Anne’s brother Michael’s life is in danger. Despite their greatest effort, the two do not manage to save Michael and are forced to watch as he falls to his death. The tragedy destroys Anne’s relationship with Marc, who turns his back on Vent and never hears of the birth of his son Nik. When Marc returns years later, the avalanche warnings are piling up and a disaster is on its way.


A few years ago it actually existed: the bear causing problems in the Tyrolean – Bavarian border region, which served screenwriter Felix Mitterer as a template for this satirical comedy. And so everybody chases Bruno the bear in ‘Bear on the Loose’: adventurer Wolfsgruber and zoo manager Rettensteiner in order to catch him, animal rights activist Linde Blümel to protect him from the hunters. But Bruno is not easily caught, not with bear traps nor by the hastily summoned Finnish bear hunters. He becomes not only a media sensation, but also a political issue. High time for the would-be protectors of Bruno to come up with a plan for an effective rescue operation, for the alarmed huntsmen are waiting with fingers on triggers for the order to shoot.

Directed by Xaver Schwarzenberger

Written by Felix Mitterer
Year of production: 2007
Starring: Harald Krassnitzer, Fritz Karl, Nadeshda Brennicke, Walter Sachers, Johann Nikolussi, Erwin Steinhauer

Crime Scene “Elvis Lives”

Stefanie Gschnitzer’s first murder case as a commissioner at the Innsbruck police department is the death of Richard Stecher, member of a notorious family of poachers, who was found dead at the bottom of a cliff. Supposedly he was shot in self-defence by mayor and game tenant Hopfgartner, his son, and gamekeeper Buchberger. At the first inspection of the crime scene the young investigator already doubts the men’s version of the story. The victim had been shot in the back of the head, making it seem unlikely to have been a case of self-defence. However, there is a lack of evidence. The situation between the poacher family and the mayor threatens to escalate. Stefanie turns to her former teacher, Viennese superintendent Moritz Eisner, who, disguised as a hunting guest, supports her in the investigation. A small but essential detail helps to solve the case: the Stecher brothers love of Elvis Presley…

Directed by Peter Sämann
Year of production: 2001
Starring: Harald Krassnitzer, Roswitha Szyszkowitz, Gregor Bloeb, Guntram Brattia, Elmar Drexel


Directed by Stephanus Domanig
Year of production: 2005
Director of photography: Moritz Gieselmann
Starring: Brigitte Hobmayer, Raphael Schuchter, Harald Windisch, Ronja Keplinger, Julia Gschnitzer

For many years Martin has been trying to forget what he saw during that night so long ago. When he reluctantly returns to his hometown – significantly on Saint Nicholas Day – the ghosts of his childhood return once again. It was on Saint Nicholas Day that Martin’s grandfather died.  Continue reading TWELFTH NIGHT

Hotel Orth

Awarded the Golden Screen Award 1999

Felix Hofstätter is the manager of a renowned country house hotel in Gmunden. He is constantly confronted with new challenges, especially when it turns out that Carla Prinz, owner of a competing hotel in Traunstein, has declared him her personal archenemy. Carla leaves no stone unturned to ruin Felix Hofstätter.

115 x 45 minutes
Years of production: 1996-2004
Starring Albert Fortell, Jenny Jürgens, Konstanze Breitebner, Heinz Trixner, Marianne Nentwich, Lotte Ledl, Hans Kraemmer, Stefano Bernardin


For years, wealthy businessman Friedrich Sattmann and his family have spent their summer holidays in the Tyrolean village of Lahnenberg. The residents of the village have found a place in the Sattmann’s hearts, an affection the Sattmanns believe to be mutual. More than dismayed they come to realise, however, that the opposite is the case and that in the eyes of the locals they represent the worst stereotypes of German ‘Piefke’.

The series sparked controversy among German and Austrian audiences and caused Austrian hoteliers to fear the loss of German guests.

4 x 90 minutes
Years of production: 1990-92
Starring Dietrich Mattausch, Kurt Weinzierl, Brigitte Grothum, Sabine Cruso, Ralf Komorr, Tobias Moretti