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Wiener Blut / Vienna Confidential – Berggericht

With “Wiener Blut”, Satel Film hit the nerve of the audience in 2019. This success story with Melika Foroutan as the Egyptian-Viennese prosecutor Fida Emam will now be continued with “Wiener Blut – Berggericht”.



The high-end documentary format shows a sensitive approach to local communities, their inhabitants and their lives. As people describe their creative use of existing resources, a profound, distinctive and authentic portrait of their living space emerges.


Das weite Land-Spielfilm-1987/Luc Bondy, Michel Piccoli, Bulle Ogier

Das weite Land / The Distant Country

The time is around 1910, shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. A male-dominated circle, characterised by the upper middle classes, upwardly mobile nouveau riche, officers, doctors and artists, spends the time between sensuality and the agonies of love playing tennis, visiting the theatre and going on mountain tours.

Vor dem Traualtar. Der Metzger und seine Danijela

TV premiere and nomination at TeleVisionale for “Der Metzger traut sich”

27/09/2023 - "Der Metzger traut sich" - with audience favorite Simon Schwarz in the role of amateur detective and restorer Willibald Adrian Metzger - who is about to have the most important day of his life, because he finally is going to marry his dream girl Danjela Djurkovic (Valery Tscheplanowa). Only to have her disappear right at the wedding ceremony with a stranger! Premiere on October 7, 2023 on ServusTV...
Andreas Kiendl und Martin Gruber am Set im AKW Zwentendorf

Push the button Andi… SOKO Donau investigates at the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant

29/08/2023 - The make-up department was under pressure: During tropical temperatures, the entire crew was sweating heavily at the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant while filming the new episode "A Night in Zwentendorf (AT)" from the 19th season of the hit series SOKO Donau. Actors Andreas Kiendl, Martin Gruber, Maria Happel and newcomer Max Fischnaller investigate between the cooling pond and the never actived nuclear power reactor...
Susi-Stach_Valery-Tscheplanowa_Simon-Schwarz im Kino

Star studded red carpet in Kitzbühel at the premiere of “Der Metzger traut sich”

23/08/2023 - The Kitzbühel Film Festival opened on Tuesday evening with a star-studded Red Carpet. The main actors Simon Schwarz and Valery Tscheplanowa as well as director Michael Podogil, producer Heinrich Ambrosch and many more appeared for the premiere of the latest Metzger whodunit "Der Metzger traut sich"...
Folge "Tod im Schrebergarten" (AT), Maria Happel, Lilian Klebow, Martin Gruber, Max G. Fischnaller

Watch out for the garden gnome – SOKO investigates in the allotment gardens

16/08/23 - At the beginning of August, the crew of Satel Film had chosen an extremely tranquil spot as the crime scene for the 8th episode of SOKO Donau "Tod im Schrebergarten (AT)" (Death in the Allotment Garden): a small settlement by the Süßenbrunn bathing pond. Between lawnmowers and compost heaps, a murder with a barbecue spit had to be solved. The last scene, when Martin Gruber was presented with a garden gnome in police uniform, generated a lot of laughter...

“Our aim is to develop and produce high quality European drama series and engage a wide audience with a good mix of creativity, quality and entertainment.”

Heinrich Ambrosch, CEO & CO Owner

A success story

For more than 5 decades

From the beginning of colour television to the streaming age.

In 1971, the former Sascha Film managing director Michael Wolkenstein founds a new film production in Vienna that is to write Austrian film history in the years and decades to come.

With legendary cinema films such as Maximilian Schell’s “Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald” (1979), Peter Patzak’s “Kassbach” (1979), the Academy Award-nominated “38 – Auch das war Wien” (1986) by Wolfgang Glück and Luc Bondy’s award-winning “Das weite Land” (1987), the production baptised “Satel Film” was already able to establish itself as a permanent fixture in the 1970s and 1980s.

“Der Schüler Gerber” (1979) becomes standard repertoire in school classes, the cult series “Kottan ermittelt” (1976-1984) brings zest into the rather dry crime world and “Die Piefke-Saga” (1990-1993) enrages domestic tourism associations and wins the Grimme Prize.

Long-running audience hits such as “Schlosshotel Orth” (1996-2004) and “SOKO Donau/Wien” (since 2005) continue to make Satel Film a guarantor of ratings success in prime time in the new century. Now under the leadership of managing partner Heinrich Ambrosch (since 2007) with “Die Toten von Salzburg”, an award-winning feature film series was created in 2015, top TV films such as “Wiener Blut” (2018) directed by Barbara Eder, the co-production “Lucky Per” (2017, directed by Bille August) and the event two-part movie “Im Netz der Camorra” (2020) with Tobias Moretti (directed by Andreas Prochaska) and its sequel “Der Gejagte – Im Netz der Camorra” (2022, directed by Rick Ostermann) follow on seamlessly.

In 2019, Satel Film will realise the first Austrian Netflix series in co-production with Bavaria Fiction and ORF. “Freud”, directed by Marvin Kren, premieres at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival, wins the Romy for “Best Production TV Fiction” and places in the Top10 of the Netflix charts in 67 countries.

In cooperation with Storyhouse Productions, the event series “Sisi” is developed for RTL+ in 2021, already renewed for season three. And historical material is also part of the current developments: After “Freud”, musical genius “Mozart” is to get his own series, with Martin Ambrosch acting as headwriter.

The series development “1814 – Vienna Game” by producer Bettina Kuhn is dedicated to the Congress of Vienna, this first major European decision in the 19th century, rich in suspense, intrigue, twists and multi-layered character studies.