1809 – Die Freiheit des Adlers / Freedom of the eagle

TV Movie

1805 Napoleon defeats the Russian and Austrian troops in the Battle of Austerlitz. Tyrol has to be ceded to Napoleon. Andreas Hofer and Joachim Haspinger travel to Archduke Johann in Vienna and ask him to use his influence on behalf of Tyrol, which lost its former rights and privileges. The archbishop assures them of his support. The newly won hope and the influence of the fanatical Capuchin monk Haspinger, who is willing to use any means in the fight against his enemies, drive the God-fearing and peace-loving Andreas Hofer into the unequal fight against Napoleon. The Tyroleans are defeated in the final battle of Bergisel. Andreas Hofer, declared an outlaw, hides in an alpine pasture, is betrayed, captured and executed in Mantua on February 20, 1810. His rise and fall, despair and humility make him one of the most unusual heroes in European history.

Tobias Moretti – Andreas Hofer
Ottfried Fischer – Maximilian I. Joseph von Bayern
Martina Gedeck – Lebzelter-Mariandl
Julia Stemberger – Anna Hofer
Franz Xaver Kroetz – Pater Joachim Haspinger
Heio von Stetten – Oberst Wrede
Gregor Bloéb – Franz Raffl
Toni Böhm – Mayor Kasimir Schuhmacher

Xaver Schwarzenberger – Director