38–Vienna Before the Fall

Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 59th Academy Awards (1987)

Based on a novel by Friedrich Torberg
Directed by 
Wolfgang Glück
Year of production: 1986
Tobias Engel, Sunnyi Melles

Vienna, 1937. The young Carola Bright, promising actress at the Theater an der Josefstadt, and the Jewish writer Martin Hoffmann ignore the signs of change in their city. It is only when Hitler marches into Austria on 11 March 1938, that the two lovers decide to flee to Prague. The now pregnant Carola gets permission to leave, Martin is denied it. While Carola arrives safely in Prague, Martin negotiates with a smuggler who promises to take him across the Czech border. Full of optimism Martin walks through Vienna and straight into the arms of two SS soldiers.