About Us

50 years of competence and drive

The Vienna based SATEL Film is one of Austria’s most well-respected production companies. It stands for high quality television entertainment, spectacular cinema, and fascinating documentaries. As the producers of the legendary ‘Kottan ermittelt’ series, as well as others such as ‘Piefke Saga’, ‘Schlosshotel Orth’ or currently ‘SOKO Danube’ and ‘Das Glück dieser Erde’, SATEL Film has decades of experience in the production of TV series.

As a producer of film and television in Austria, SATEL Film regards measures to protect the Austrian media landscape, and consequently the contribution of the film and television industry to economic and cultural sectors as imperative. In particular, we stand for and support

  • the strengthening of markets for the Austrian film and tv industry,
  • increasing the market presence of Austrian film at home and abroad,
  • strengthening the legal position and capital adequacy of independent Austrian producers,
  • appropriate compensation for all uses of audiovisual content,
    especially in areas that have only recently emerged through