Years of production: 2018-2019
Golden Romy 2020  “Best Production TV Fiction”
New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2021: Gold Medal„Crime Drama“, Silver Medal „Best Direction“, Bronze Medal „Best Production Design/Art Direction”

The Salzburg Murders (Die Toten von Salzburg)
Years of production: 2015–ongoing
Golden Romy 2017  „Best TV movie“ and „Best Director“

Putin’s Games (Putins Spiele)
Year of production: 2014
Awarded ‘Best Documentary’ at the German Film Awards

Vienna Crime Squad (SOKO Donau/Wien)
Years of production: 2005-ongoing
Golden Romy 2008 for ‘Best Producer’ to SATEL managing director Heinrich Ambrosch

38 – Vienna Before the Fall (38 – Auch das war Wien)
Year of production: 1986
Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film at the 59th Academy Awards (1987)

Radetzky March (Radetzkymarsch)
Year of production: 1994
Golden Nymph of Monte Carlo 1995

Das weite Land (The Vast Domain)
Year of production: 1987
Winner of two German Film Awards

Der Schüler Gerber (Student Gerber)
Year of production: 1981
Winner of two German Film Awards

Taking Sides – Der Fall Furtwängler
Year of production: 2002
Rated ‘highly recommended’

Year of production: 1998
Winner of the Adolf Grimme Award 1989, rated as highly recommended, supported through the MEDIA programme

Year of production: 1997
Golden Nymph of Monte Carlo 1998 and Golden Screen Award 1999

Die Heilerin (The Healer)
Year of production: 2004
Golden Romy 2005 ‘Best TV Film’, second place for the Rolf-Hans-Müller Prize 2004 for its score

Tatort – Der Teufel vom Berg (Crime Scene – Mountain Devil)
Year of production: 2004
Golden Romy 2005 ‘Best Cinematography’

Schlosshotel Orth
Years of production: 1996-2004
Golden Screen Award 1999

Year of production: 2002
Diagonale Award 2004

Dinosaurs (Dinosaurier)
Year of production: 1991
Cable-Ace Award 1993

Die Skorpionfrau (The Scorpion Woman)
Year of production: 1989
Winner of the Austrian Film Award 1989

Christmas in Europe (Weihnacht in Europa)
Year of production: 1987
Winner of the Golden Camera 1988, Bronze Medal at the International Film & TV Festival New York 1987