The SATEL Film group was founded in 1971 by former SASCHA Film associate Michael Wolkenstein, who led the company until 2006. Since January 2007 Heinrich Ambrosch has been associate and CEO of SATEL.

Since its founding SATEL was successfully developed into one of the leading Austrian film production companies and has produced nearly 200 films, international co-productions, feature films, documentaries, TV-Movies and TV-Series, such as “Krambambuli“, “Opernball“, “Andreas Hofer“, “Marie Bonaparte“ and the long running ZDF/ORF crime- series VIENNA CRIME SQUAD (Soko Donau), which has successfully been sold throughout Europe.

SATEL has collaborated, among others, with the following
TV stations: ARD, Arte, Arts & Entertainment, BR, CBS, France 2, France 3, Granada TV, KRO, Mediaset MTV, NDR, ORF, PRO7,
RAI 1, RAI 2, SAT 1, SWF, WDR, Yorkshire TV, ZDF.

CEO Heinrich Ambrosch: “We produce national and international
TV-Movies and TV- Series, as well as documentaries and feature films.
Our common goal is to inspire and stimulate the audience with a good mixture of creativity, quality and entertainment. With our productions we try to awake interest and attention, while addressing the broad public, as well as key audience groups throughout Europe”.

SATEL Film – Group
SATEL’s headquarters are in Vienna. The group includes the following companies:

Linzer Straße 375, 1140 Vienna, Austria

ALMARO Film and TV Production and Distribution GmbH
Bavaria Film Platz 7, Halle 44a/1, 82031 Geiselgasteig, Germany

ARABELLA Film-, Musik- und Buch Verlag GesmbH
Linzer Straße 375, 1140 Vienna, Austria

– Development of Film and TV productions
– Production of Film and TV productions
– Co-productions with international partners
– Provision of production services