1809 – Freedom of the Eagle

In 1805, Napoleon defeats the Russian and Austrian troops at the Battle of Austerlitz. As a consequence, Tyrol has to be ceded to Napoleon. Andreas Hofer and Joachim Haspinger seek out Archduke Johann in Vienna and ask him to use his influence in support of Tyrol, which has lost many of its old rights and privileges.

The archbishop assures them of his support. Full of newfound hope and under the influence of fanatic Capuchin monk Haspinger, who is willing to use any means necessary to destroy his enemies, the devout pacifist Andreas Hofer enters the unequal struggle against Napoleon. The Tyroleans are beaten in the final battle at Bergisel. Having been declared an outlaw, Andreas Hofer hides in the mountains but is betrayed, arrested, and, on 20 February 1810, executed in Mantua.

His rise and fall, despair and humility make him one of the most unusual heroes of European history.

Directed by Xaver Schwarzenberger
Year of production: 2001
Starring: Tobias Moretti, Franz Xaver Kroetz, Julia Stemberger, Gregor Bloeb, Guntram Brattia, Martina Gedeck, Karl Markovics, Heio von Stetten