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The Hunted

Following the success of the two-part movie “Im Netz der Camorra”, SATEL Film and good friends Filmproduktion produced another top-class TV thriller for ServusTV in late summer 2022. “Der Gejagte – Im Netz der Camorra” starring Tobias Moretti, Harald Windisch, Antonia Moretti, Gerti Drassl, and many more was shot around Bolzano and in Liguria until early October. The director was Rick Ostermann, the book was written by Stefan Brunner. “Der Gejagte – Im Netz der Camorra” has aired on December 8, 2022 on ServusTV. In Germany it is available via streaming on Magenta TV.

Content of “Der Gejagte”: Past catches up with ex-mafioso

After the violent conflict with Nino Sorrentino (“Im Netz der Camorra” ran successfully as an event two-parter in the fall of 2021 on ServusTV), winemaker and ex-Mafioso Matteo DeCanin (Tobias Moretti) has negotiated a deal with the prosecution. He testifies against his old clan, and in return he and his family enter witness protection and receive a new identity. But just before the family can be transferred to their new life, there is an assassination attempt in which Matteo’s wife Stephania dies. The bond between father and daughter Laura (Antonia Moretti) breaks completely after the traumatic experience. In exile together on an island in the Mediterranean, they live past each other. When Laura can’t take it anymore and leaves the safehouse, Matteo violates the conditions as a state witness and sets out alone to find her. His worst fear comes true: his daughter falls into the clutches of the Casavatore clan. Matteo must find Laura before her life is pitted against his.

“The Hunted – In the Camorra’s Net” is a production of SATEL Film GmbH and good friends Filmproduktions GmbH and ServusTV, sponsored by IDM Südtirol. The Hunted” will be shown on ServusTV until 2022.

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Universum History: Leopoldina Habsburg – The birth of modern Brazil

7 September 2022 marks the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s independence from the colonial power Portugal. “Universum History: Leopoldine Habsburg – The Birth of Modern Brazil” tells the story of the genesis of the Brazilian republic and, based on the life of the “mother of the country” Leopoldine von Habsburg, illuminates the path from the colony to the empire to the military coup and republic in 1889.

Freedom, co-determination and human rights, enshrined in a constitution. These words and the ideas behind them have terrified the European nobility since the French Revolution. The trauma of the revolution – the end of the certainty surrounding the divine right – shaped the period of the Napoleonic wars, the Congress of Vienna, it shaped the politics of the entire 19th century, triggered the process of decolonisation and accompanied the independence movements in South America.

In 1809, the Portuguese king Joao VI, fleeing from Napoleon, moves his court overseas, to his colony of Brazil. Joao VI makes Brazil a kingdom in 1815, de facto equating it with Portugal, which costs him power in his country of origin. His son, Pedro I, finally makes himself emperor over the country and renounces Portugal altogether. The first step towards independence – but Brazil still has a long way to go before the Republic is proclaimed in 1889.

This path is closely linked to the story of a Habsburg princess – Leopoldine, daughter of Francis I, who was the first European princess to be “sold” overseas. The Brazilians see her as the mother of their country, because without her political work, without her influence on her husband, the later Emperor Pedro I, the former colony would probably have disintegrated into republics shaken by civil war in the 1920s and would not exist in its present form.

The film was directed by Katherina Heigl, who was also responsible for the screenplay. Fanny Altenburger, Haris Ademovic, Erwin Steinhauer, Martin Gruber, Anna Lang and Gabriela Garcia-Vargas can be seen in re-enacted scenes.

“Universum History: The Birth of Modern Brazil” is a production of Satel Film (producer: Bettina Kuhn) for ORF and ZDF Arte with the support of Fernsehfonds Austria, Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the EU, Filmfonds Wien, the Province of Lower Austria and VAM. ORF Enterprise is responsible for distribution.

Creative Europe

with the support of Creative Europe –
MEDIA Programme of the European Union

(Deutsch) SOKO DONAU | 18. STAFFEL

New material for crime fans for 2023. In the 18th season, “Frau Oberst Wolf”, Brigitte Kren, Lilian Klebow as group inspector Penny Lanz, Maria Happel as forensic pathologist Dr. Franziska Beck, Andreas Kiendl alias district inspector Klaus Lechner, Martin Gruber as chief detective Max Herzog and forensic technician Franz Wohlfahrt (Helmut Bohatsch) are in front of the camera.

Filming took place in and around Vienna, Mödling, Marchegg, Graz and in the thermal region of Styria. In addition to Sophie Allet-Coche, who is responsible for a double episode, the directors are Katharina Heigl, Eva Spreitzhofer and Olaf Kreinsen. Natalia Geb and Sönke Lars Neuwöhner, Andreas Quetsch and Frank Weller, Markus Staender, Peter Dommaschk and Ralf Leuther, Martin Muser and Jens Schäfer, Michael Grießler, Sascha Bigler and Jessica Lind were responsible for the scripts.

“SOKO Donau” is a production of SATEL Film, in cooperation with ORF and ZDF, produced with the support of Fernsehfonds Austria, Filmfonds Wien, the Province of Lower Austria as well as Cinestyria Filmcommission and Fonds and Film Commission Graz.

All information about SOKO Donau can be found here !


Almost 80 years after the death of the founder of psychoanalysis, Robert Finster is taking on the role of the young Sigmund Freud – not a Freud who is spending his time on the couch with theory and analysis, but one who is on a restless, heated and wild hunt for a murderer.

Our young Sigmund Freud is lurching from one professional crisis to the next. The world is simply not ready for his theories – until a murderous conspiracy begins brewing in the dark alleys of turn-of-the-century Vienna, pulling him into the most hidden corners of human consciousness. At Finster’s side are Ella Rumpf as the infamous medium Fleur Salomé, and Georg Friedrich as war veteran Alfred Kiss.

The extravagant Vienna of the 1890s, famous for its decadence and the dark underbelly of its high society, is the backdrop for mysterious murders and political intrigues in the eight episodes of the Austro-German production. The series is directed by award-winning filmmaker Marvin Kren, who also wrote the scripts together with Stefan Brunner and Benjamin Hessler.

Freud is co-produced by Satel Film and Bavaria Fiction for ORF and Netflix, with the support of Vienna Film Fund, Austrian Television Fund, Creative Europe – MEDIA programme of the European Union and the Czech film fund. ZDF Enterprises handles international sales.

World premiere took place during the 70th International Filmfestival Berlin on February 24th 2020. Since March 23rd 2020 “Freud” ist available for streaming on Netflix around the world.