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The Salzburg Murders

From the beginning of April until the beginning of May 2015, Florian Teichtmeister and Michael Fitz stood in front of the cameras in Salzburg as a pair of Austrian-Bavarian investigators. ‘ Die Toten von Salzburg’ is directed by Erhard Riedlsperger, who, alongside Klaus Ortner, is also responsible for the screenplay. Other stars include Erwin Steinhauer, Fanny Krausz, Harald Windisch, Simon Hatzl and, of course, the stunning setting of Mozart- and Festival city Salzburg and its surroundings.

“Die Toten von Salzburg” is a coproduction between ORF and ZDF, supported through the television fund Austria (Fernsehfonds Austria), Stadt Salzburg and the Land Salzburg.

When there’s a murder in the border region of Bavaria and Salzburg, it is not always clear under whose authority the investigations should fall. When crooked real estate broker Holzer is found dead, Salzburg’s Major Peter Palfinger and Bavarian Chief Inspector Hubert Mur join forces. However, their partnership is not voluntary and they are off to a bumpy start due to their differences in character and opposing professional approaches. While Mur is a straightforward rationalist who reaches his goals through perseverance, Palfinger is fascinated by the complexity of the human psyche. Bound to a wheelchair since a paragliding accident a year ago, he has a different perception of people and the environment, seeing things that may remain hidden to others. Incomplete paraplegia. This diagnosis was a radical turning point in Palfinger’s ife. The incorrigible optimist, however, takes it as a challenge. He is convinced that his paraplegia is curable and he trains hard to prove it. Eventually he wants to conquer the Untersberg again. Without a wheelchair. On his own two feet.

DISHED UP | Aufgetischt

AUFGETISCHT (DISHED UP) is a 45-minute documentary format, which takes a thoughtful approach to portraying different regions and the lives of their inhabitants. It allows people to describe their creative interactions with existing resources, thereby creating a complex, distinctive and authentic portrait of their respective environments, avoiding all clichés.
AUFGETISCHT is interested in the little sensations of everyday life and examines them with a sensitive curiosity. Anything that happens can only happen here, in this particular place, and through this, identities are formed. The heartbeat of each region manifests itself in the work of its craftspeople, the creations of its artists, and in the produce that on the plates of its chefs.
Every person is unique and so is every landscape. Being able to discover and relate this is part of AUFGETISCHT.
The stories told are always personal yet representative of a region’s character, the script of each episode follows the course of a day – morning, midday, evening and night – which gives the format a fixed frame. While mealtimes, both lunch and dinner, are an integral part of each episode, they are interwoven in a way that allows the stories to unfold.


Beste Doku : Deutscher Filmpreis

The Russian city of Sochi on »Russia’s Riviera« is a traditional summer resort for Russia’s rich and beautiful. It was also chosen to host the 2014 Winter Olympics by the International Olympics Committee (the IOC). It was a bizarre choice.  

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Legendary White Stallions

The origins of the famous white horses can be found with the Berber people of North Africa. Legendary riders, the Berbers tamed these proud animals long before they became an embodiment of Austrian culture. Styrian filmmaker and ‘Romy’ winner Michael Schlamberger has set a cinematic monument to the Lipizzaner horses. Produced by SATEL and Science Vision, the film team meticulously traced the horses’ historical steps, leading them as far as Morocco, Andalusia, and Slovenia, but also to the Federal Stud Piber, the Heldenberg in Lower Austria and the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. At the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in October 2013 the film was awarded the Silver Dolphin in the category ‘History and Civilization’.

2011 – 2013 | HD | 16:9 | 52 min | 5.1 & Stereo | German | English
Screenplay, Direction and Cinematography: Michael Schlamberger
Producers Heinrich Ambrosch, Bettina Kuhn, Rita Schlamberger
A coproduction of Science Vision and Satel Film

38–Vienna Before the Fall

Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 59th Academy Awards (1987)

Based on a novel by Friedrich Torberg
Directed by 
Wolfgang Glück
Year of production: 1986
Tobias Engel, Sunnyi Melles

Vienna, 1937. The young Carola Bright, promising actress at the Theater an der Josefstadt, and the Jewish writer Martin Hoffmann ignore the signs of change in their city. It is only when Hitler marches into Austria on 11 March 1938, that the two lovers decide to flee to Prague. The now pregnant Carola gets permission to leave, Martin is denied it. While Carola arrives safely in Prague, Martin negotiates with a smuggler who promises to take him across the Czech border. Full of optimism Martin walks through Vienna and straight into the arms of two SS soldiers.

Taking Sides

Based on true events following the end of WWII in Berlin.

Directed by István Szabó
Year of production: 2002
Starring: Harvey Keitel, Stellan Skarsgard, Moritz Bleibtreu, Birgit Minichmayr, Ulrich Tukur

In the course of the Allied denacification initiative a US Army major is given the task of investigating whether the world-renowned conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler had collaborated with the Nazis. Trusting in the purifying power of music, the sensitive artist had decided to stay in his hometown despite the risk of having to come to terms with the totalitarian Nazi regime – a tricky manoeuvre in the thicket of moral ambivalence. To find his own truth the major goes to extremes, his black-and-white philosophy, however, proves inadequate for making the right accusations.

Tales from the Vienna Woods

Based on a novel by Ödön von Horvath
Directed by
Maximilian Schell
Year of production:
Hanno Pöschl, Birgit Doll, Helmut Qualtinger, Götz Kaufmann, Jane Tilden

Vienna around 1930. A young woman tries in vain to escape her background. She is broken by the morbid desires and moral abyss that hide behind the facade of the narrow-minded petty bourgeoisie. With great atmospheric intensity ‘Tales from the Vienna Woods’ offers a biting and gloomy but also funny satirical review of the morbid conditions on the eve of the Nazis’ rise to power.



Land: A | Jahr: 1979
Genre: Genres, Drama
Laufzeit: 110 min.

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Student Gerber

Based on a novel by Friedrich Torberg
Directed by
Wolfgang Glück
Year of production:
Gabriel Barylli, Werner Kreindl

Winner of two German Film Awards

„In the face of his father’s expectations and his teacher’s almost sadistic harshness, the precocious and sensitive student Kurt Gerber puts himself increasingly under pressure. The upcoming final examinations take on existential meaning and when he mistakenly assumes not to have passed his exams, he commits suicide.