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Tales from the Vienna Woods

Based on a novel by Ödön von Horvath
Directed by
Maximilian Schell
Year of production:
Hanno Pöschl, Birgit Doll, Helmut Qualtinger, Götz Kaufmann, Jane Tilden

Vienna around 1930. A young woman tries in vain to escape her background. She is broken by the morbid desires and moral abyss that hide behind the facade of the narrow-minded petty bourgeoisie. With great atmospheric intensity ‘Tales from the Vienna Woods’ offers a biting and gloomy but also funny satirical review of the morbid conditions on the eve of the Nazis’ rise to power.

The Vast Domain

Winner of two German Film Awards

It is the period around 1910, shortly before the outbreak of World War I. A male dominated circle of upper middle class, nouveaux riches, officers, doctors and artists spends the time between sensual adventures and broken hearts playing tennis, visiting the theatre and hiking in the countryside. Thanks to husband Friedrich’s affairs, the Hofreiters’ marriage is under a lot of strain. Affairs, however, are the norm in this society, appearances are kept up by remaining silent. It is only when Friedrich discovers his wife Genia has started an affair with a friend’s son that he forces a lethal confrontation with the other man.

Based on a play by Arthur Schnitzler
Directed by Luc Bondy
Year of production: 1987
Starring: Michael Piccoli, Bulle Ogier