A few years ago it actually existed: the bear causing problems in the Tyrolean – Bavarian border region, which served screenwriter Felix Mitterer as a template for this satirical comedy. And so everybody chases Bruno the bear in ‘Bear on the Loose’: adventurer Wolfsgruber and zoo manager Rettensteiner in order to catch him, animal rights activist Linde Blümel to protect him from the hunters. But Bruno is not easily caught, not with bear traps nor by the hastily summoned Finnish bear hunters. He becomes not only a media sensation, but also a political issue. High time for the would-be protectors of Bruno to come up with a plan for an effective rescue operation, for the alarmed huntsmen are waiting with fingers on triggers for the order to shoot.

Directed by Xaver Schwarzenberger

Written by Felix Mitterer
Year of production: 2007
Starring: Harald Krassnitzer, Fritz Karl, Nadeshda Brennicke, Walter Sachers, Johann Nikolussi, Erwin Steinhauer