Der Metzger traut sich

TV Movie
Servus TV

With “Der Metzger traut sich” Satel Film revives the popular novel character “Der Metzger”. Produced for ServusTV, the thriller is centred on the somewhat eccentric restorer Willibald Adrian Metzger (Simon Schwarz), who keeps stumbling into crimes and other turbulences. At his side are his queen of hearts Danjela Djurkovic (Valery Cheplanova) and Petar Wollnar (Christoph Krutzler) as friend and housekeeper. The script by Peter Koller is based on “Die Djurkovic und ihr Metzger”, the 8th volume of the crime book series “Der Metzger” by bestselling author Thomas Raab. The director is Michael Podogil.

The time has come, Willibald Metzger marries the woman of his dreams, Danjela Djurkovic! But everything turns out differently at the altar. Instead of saying “I do”, Danjela leaves the paralysed Willibald at the altar – and disappears with a stranger. The inconsolable hero, almost drowning in alcohol, and his best friend, housekeeper Petar Wollnar, decide to get to the bottom of the mystery. Because there is definitely something fishy about the whole thing! The desperate search for Danjela leads the Willibald not that far away from his workshop in Graz, but into a completely different world: into the ruthless machinations of a crime family, with whom Danjela is obviously connected in some way. And they are not the only ones who are suddenly after our star.

“Der Metzger traut sich” is a Satel Film GmbH production for ServusTV, supported by FISAplus, Fernsehfonds Austria, Cinestyria Filmcommission and Fonds and the Film Commission Graz. Der Metzger traut sich” is scheduled to be shown on ServusTV in the second half of 2023.

The premiere took place at the Film Festival Kitzbühel 2023 on August 22, 2023 where “Der Metzger traut sich” was shown in the presence of cast, director and producers as the opening film of the festival.

The film was produced and certified according to the guidelines of the Austrian eco-label UZ 76 – Green Producing.

Simon Schwarz – Willibald Adrian Metzger
Valery Tscheplanowa – Danjela Djurkovic
Christoph Krutzler – Petar Wollner
Alev Irmak – Hürrem/Kaplan
Thomas Mraz – Heribert Senekowitsch
Susi Stach – Major Pichlmayr
Gregor Seberg – Michael Friedmann
Anton Noori – Dejan Sulemanjiu

Based on the novel by author Thomas Raab
Michael Podogil – Director
Peter Koller – Writer
Anna Hawlicek – DOP