Die Heilerin / The Healer

TV Movie

Felix Mitterer’s TV drama about the supernatural abilities of a woman in the Tyrolean mountains. Starring Ruth Drexel, Branko Samarovski and Geno Lechner.

Since her childhood, Halfried Seelig has known that she has extraordinary abilities: By laying on her hands and through the power of her thoughts, she can heal people. But Halfried has been forcing herself not to make use of her gift for a long time: Not least because she had promised it to her husband Rudi, who works as a general practitioner in a small Tyrolean mountain village. One day, however, it happens that – contrary to this decision – she does help a sick man who is in distress, and he promptly gets well. The news spreads quickly and more and more patients seek Halfried out, much to Rudi’s displeasure. Meanwhile, the marriage of their daughter Marion is also in crisis. She is also a doctor, but has not been practicing her profession for many years.

Ruth Drexel – Halfried Seelig
Branko Samarovski – Rudi Seelig
Geno Lechner – Marion Fischer
Markus Boysen – Dr. Thomas Fischer

Felix Mitterer – Writer (screenplay adapted by Holger Barthel)
Holger Barthel – Director