The Healer

Since childhood, Halfried Seelig has had an unusual gift: she can cure the sick through the laying on of her hands and her mental powers. And yet she could not prevent her father’s death from cancer. She hasn’t used her powers in many years, on the one hand she does not want to embarrass her husband Rudi, the local doctor, on the other she wants to avoid conflict with her daughter Marion, who secretly blames her mother for her grandfather’s death. As a firm believer in and practitioner of conventional medicine, she sees her mother’s alternative methods as dangerous charlatanry.

But then Hailfried accidentally heals a seriously ill patient in her husband’s practice. She sees it as a sign of fate and decides to stop denying her gift. However, while she earns the respect and gratitude of a growing number of patients, her family threatens to break when the conflicts between its members flare up once again.

Directed by Holger Barthel
Year of production: 2004
Starring: Ruth Drexel, Branko Samarovski, Geno Lechner, Markus Boysen, Lea Kurka, Elisabeth Orth, Cornelius Obonya