Kassbach, a vegetable seller in his mid-fifties, is a member of a right-wing extremist organisation that plans and carries out numerous attacks and assassinations in the Vienna area.
The vegetable seller Karl Kassbach (Walter Kohut), member of the right-wing extremist organisation “Initiative”, oppresses his family, he treats his son with incomprehension and authority, women remain strange and uncanny to him. The activities of the “Initiative” eventually lead to a catastrophe.

Peter Patzak draws his psychogram of the petit bourgeois realistically and in detail, but above all specific to Vienna. (Filmarchiv Austria)

Walter Kohut – Karl Kassbach, Vegetable vendor
Immy Schell – his wife
Konrad Becker – his son
Walter Davy – Leader of the initiative
Monika Schöpfer – Liesi, the apprentice

Peter Patzak – Director
Dietrich Lohmann – DOP
Peter Zwetkoff – Music
Peter Patzak, Helmut Zenker, Screenplay based on Zenker’s novel

Kassbach won the UNESCO C.I.D.A.L.C. Award and was nominated for the Golden Bear (1979) at the Berlin International Film Festival.