Written by Jan Zenker based on an idea by Helmut Zenker
Directed by Peter Pathak
Year of production: 2010
Starring: Lukas Resetarits, Johannes Krisch, Robert Stadlober, Udo Samel, Bibiana Zeller, Wolfgang Böck, Simon Schwarz, Mavie Hörbiger

Rien ne vas plus – no more goes in the economy. The world has become a dark hole of crises and bankruptcies. But in the police everyone dreams of rising in the ranks. Everyone except Adolf Kottan, who has been suspended. Indefinitely. However, when, literally out of the blue, a dead body smashes onto his car, it’s the end of the peace. Next to the body a card is found saying ‘Rien ne vas plus – no further bets’ and on its back there are seven names. Three murders in 24 hours – Police President Pilch is desperate. After all, he is trying to get into the Ministry of the Interior and for that he needs to be able to show some success. Kottan finally agrees to help. This makes it clear: Kottan investigates once again!