A small town around 1900. The old head forester who manages the count’s lands is highly unpopular. When he acts violently against Marta (Nina Franoszek) and her children, he is shot by the poacher Pachler (Tobias Moretti).

The new forester (Gabriel Barylli), who arrives with his beautiful wife (Christine Neubauer), meets Pachler and his dog Krambambuli and buys it from him for a little money and a case of schnapps. Pachler only gives the dog away because he expects it – loyal as he is – to return to him soon. But he has fundamentally miscalculated.

The script was written by Felix Mitterer and the remake was directed by Xaver Schwarzenberger. Filming took place in the Czech Republic and Germany in autumn 1997.

Tobias Moretti – Wolf Pachler
Gabriel Barylli – Georg Walch
Christine Neubauer – Johanna Walch
Nina Franoszek – Martha, Washerwoman
Anne-Marie Bubke – Christine, Handmaid
Fanny Zerz – Annerl, Pachlers daugther
Fred Stillkrauth – old chief forester
Stefan Schulz-Dornburg – Earl
Elisabeth Augustin – Countess

Based on a novel by Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Xaver Schwarzenberger – Director

Awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize 1998, rated highly recommended, funded by the MEDIA programme.