SATEL Private Foundation

Satel Private Foundation – Supporting Austria’s cinematic future

In 2008, Satel Film established the Satel Foundation to encourage and support Austrian television and filmmaking in its cultural identity and diversity.

Over four decades Satel Film has written Austrian film and TV history with the production of high-quality television entertainment and grand-scale movies. These include cult series such as ‘Kottan ermittelt’, the ‘Piefke Saga’, and the Golden Romy winning crime series ‘SOKO Danube/Vienna’. Film titles such as ‘Student Gerber’, ‘The Vast Domain’ or ‘Tales from the Vienna Woods’ are considered Austrian classics.

All these successes have been, and still are, due to the exceptional achievements of Austrian creative talent. Innovation and talent development are therefore at the centre of the support the Satel foundation offers. It is our belief that the success story of Austrian film and television can only continue if talent is encouraged and promoted.

The purpose of the Satel foundation is to promote Austrian filmmakers and other natural or legal persons who are active in the industry. The Satel foundation was established to grant any means whatsoever to the promotion of the cultural identity of Austrian film and television work. A special emphasis is placed on the support of young talent.

With this private foundation we wish to ensure that Austro-cult and internationally successful films and TV programmes continue to be produced in Austria by Austrian creatives.

Heinrich Ambrosch
Member of the Board

The studio building of Boris Podrecca at Linzerstraße 375 – seat of the Satel Private Foundationg

In his work, Belgrade-born architect Boris Podrecca manages to realise the connection of his diverse roots and influences, integrating them in his distinctive buildings. His inspiration stems from a specific geographic area, spanning from the northern Adriatic to Austria. This region represents a particular mix of tradition and modernity, which is mirrored in Podrecca’s work.

In 1984, Boris Podrecca, commissioned by advertising agency GGK, built a wooden studio at Linzerstraße 375. The Satel Private Foundation makes this wonderful space available free of charge for seminars, symposiums and other events held in the interest of the Austrian film and television industry. The building holds up to 80 people.