Kottan ermittelt – Rien ne vas plus

Kottan ermittelt-rein ne va plus-Spielfilm 2010/Lukas Resetarits, Johannes Krisch, Marie Höriger

Rien ne va plus – The economy is going nowhere. The world is a dark hole of crises and bankruptcies. But in the police force everyone has fantasies of promotion. Except for Adolf Kottan, who is suspended. Indefinitely.

Schlosshotel Orth

Schlosshotel Orth-Serie-1996-2004

A lakeside castle on a small island in the Austrian Traunsee provided the picturesque backdrop for the family series from 1996 to 2004. The 144 episodes describe life in the castle hotel primarily from the perspective of the hotel director. But the hotel staff and the guests’ vacation stories also play an important role.

Taking Sides – Der Fall Furtwängler

Taking Sides-Der Fall Furtwängler-Spielfilm_2002-Pressefoto-ORF-Harvey Keitel

Based on true events shortly after the end of World War II in Berlin. As part of the denazification program of the Allies, a major of the U.S. Army is to investigate whether the world’s most respected conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler collaborated with the Nazis.

1809 – Die Freiheit des Adlers / Freedom of the eagle

1809–Freiheit des Adlers-Film-2001

1805 Napoleon defeats the Russian and Austrian troops in the Battle of Austerlitz. Tyrol has to be ceded to Napoleon. Andreas Hofer and Joachim Haspinger travel to Archduke Johann in Vienna and ask him to use his influence on behalf of Tyrol, which lost its former rights and privileges.



After the old head forester is shot by a poacher, a young man takes over the post who resolutely takes action against the savages. Awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize 1998.


Opernball Satel Film 1988

The Vienna Opera Ball – the ball event of the year – becomes the target of a poison gas attack. The cameras keep rolling and broadcast the catastrophe live throughout Europe. Awarded the Golden Nymph of Monte Carlo 1998 and the Golden Screen Award 1999.



A young lieutenant of petit-bourgeois origin, made a hero and elevated to the nobility for saving the Emperor’s life at the battle of Solferino, cannot identify with the practices in the name of political prudence, and leaves the army.

Die Piefke-Saga

Die Piefke-Saga-Serie-1990-1992

For years, the wealthy entrepreneur Friedrich Sattmann and his family have spent their summer holidays in the Tyrolean village of Lahnenberg. The Sattmann family has taken the inhabitants of the village to their hearts and is convinced that this affection is mutual.

Das weite Land / The Distant Country

Das weite Land-Spielfilm-1987/Luc Bondy, Michel Piccoli, Bulle Ogier

The time is around 1910, shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. A male-dominated circle, characterised by the upper middle classes, upwardly mobile nouveau riche, officers, doctors and artists, spends the time between sensuality and the agonies of love playing tennis, visiting the theatre and going on mountain tours.

Der Sonne entgegen

Schiff, Der Sonne entgegen. Serie 1985

Four men – each of whom just wanted to go and buy cigarettes – decide not to return home. Fate brings these four men together in a small Croatian village, where they soon find themselves living on an old fishing boat held together only by its paint.