Der Metzger traut sich

Der Metzger traut sich, ServusTV, Simon Schwarz, Valery Tscheplanowa

With “Der Metzger traut sich” Satel Film revives the popular novel character “Der Metzger”. Produced for ServusTV, the thriller is centred on the somewhat eccentric restorer Willibald Adrian Metzger (Simon Schwarz), who keeps stumbling into crimes and other turbulences.

Wiener Blut / Vienna Confidential – Berggericht

With “Wiener Blut”, Satel Film hit the nerve of the audience in 2019. This success story with Melika Foroutan as the Egyptian-Viennese prosecutor Fida Emam will now be continued with “Wiener Blut – Berggericht”.


The series “Night in Paradise” was produced in Berlin and Brussels based on the graphic novel of the same name by Frank Schmolke. The six-part miniseries focuses on a father and his daughter whose lives are turned upside down in one night.



Sequel to the successful two-part movie “The Winemaker/Im Netz der Camorra”. Matteo DeCanin is supposed to testify as a key witness against the Camorra. But shortly before he can be taken to a safe place with his family, his wife Stefania is murdered in cold blood.

Im Netz der Camorra / The Winemaker

Im Netz der Camorra-Film-Film-2020

Filmed in South Tyrol, Kitzbühel, Vienna and Lower Austria, this event two-parter stars Tobias Moretti as South Tyrolean winemaker Matteo, who is caught up in the shadows of his past.

Wiener Blut / Vienna Confidential

Wiener Blut-Film-2018

An Egyptian-Viennese family story with three very different women living in one household forms the framework of the highly suspenseful thriller “Wiener Blut”. Melika Foroutan plays the leading role of “Fida Emam”.


80 years after the death of the inventor of psychoanalysis, Robert Finster slips into the role of the young Sigmund Freud – but not on the couch between theory and analysis, but restless, dazzling and wildly on the hunt for murderers.

A fortunate man

A fortunate Man (AT Lucky Per)-Serie-2017

In “A Fortunate Man”, director Bille August sketches the life of a young man who breaks with his deeply religious family to become an engineer. Years later, however, at the height of his career, his social background relentlessly catches up with him.