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The Russian city of Sochi on »Russia’s Riviera« is a traditional summer resort for Russia’s rich and beautiful. It was also chosen to host the 2014 Winter Olympics by the International Olympics Committee (the IOC). It was a bizarre choice.  

When the IOC made its decision, there was not one single venue fit for Olympic purposes of any kind in Sochi. ‘Putin’s Games’ exposes the questionable nature of the entire Sochi nomination, while following the construction of a faux »winter« in a sub-tropical environment. As the Winter Olympics approach, the depths of controversy only become greater.

How Russia’s president Putin turned the summer resort of the rich and famous into the venue of the XXII Olympic Winter Games. Who had already won before the games, who lost? In this investigative documentary the award-winning Russian-Israeli filmmaker Alexander Gentelev dares to reveal a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of Moscow’s power politics. He shows how corruption, forced relocation and environmental destruction were accepted to realise the pet prestige project of an autocratic head of state – at any price.

89 minutes
Directed by Alexander Gentelev
Year of production: 2013