Directed by Stephanus Domanig
Year of production: 2005
Director of photography: Moritz Gieselmann
Starring: Brigitte Hobmayer, Raphael Schuchter, Harald Windisch, Ronja Keplinger, Julia Gschnitzer

For many years Martin has been trying to forget what he saw during that night so long ago. When he reluctantly returns to his hometown – significantly on Saint Nicholas Day – the ghosts of his childhood return once again. It was on Saint Nicholas Day that Martin’s grandfather died. If it was up to him he’d leave straightaway but the traditional Krampus groups are already roaming the streets, frightening not just little children.
“Don’t think they’ll let you get away”, the village’s inhabitants whisper to each other. They tell stories of a legendary group of seven demons who, according to legend, have to keep running until someone new takes their place. Martin experienced these seven firsthand as a child and so he decides to confront them once more, with fatal consequences.