seit 2005

“SOKO Donau│Wien” is a humorous, urban crime series that shows all facets of the pulsating metropolis of Vienna. Exciting and authentic, the episodes tell the realistic everyday life of a department of the Vienna CID.

Main cast includes “Frau Oberst Wolf” Brigitte Kren, Lilian Klebow as group inspector Penny Lanz, Maria Happel as forensic doctor Dr. Franziska Beck, Andreas Kiendl as district inspector Klaus Lechner, Martin Gruber as chief detective Max Herzog and forensic technician Franz Wohlfahrt (Helmut Bohatsch). At the beginning of season 19, Helmut Bohatsch leaves the series at his own request. He is succeeded by Max Fischnaller in the role of the new forensic scientist Julius Rubatsch.

Filming takes place in and around Vienna, but the provinces of Lower Austria and Styria also regularly offer scenic locations.

“SOKO Donau│Wien” is a production of Satel Film, in cooperation with ORF and ZDF, produced with the support of Fisaplus, Fernsehfonds Austria, Filmfonds Wien, Cinestyria Filmcommission and Fonds and the Province of Lower Austria.

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Lilian Klebow – Penny Lanz
Brigitte Kren – Henriette Wolf
Maria Happel – Franziska Beck
Anderas Kiendl – Klaus Lechner
Martin Gruber – Max Herzog
Helmut Bohatsch – Franz Wohlfahrt
Max Fischnaller – Julius Rubatsch

Directors season 19:
Sophie Allet-Coche
Katharina Heigl
Olaf Kreinsen