Taking Sides – Der Fall Furtwängler


Based on true events shortly after the end of World War II in Berlin.
As part of the Allied denazification program, a U.S. Army major is to investigate whether the world-renowned conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler collaborated with the Nazis. Trusting in the purifying power of music, the sensitive artist had decided to stay in his homeland, even at the risk of having to come to terms with the totalitarian Nazi regime – a delicate maneuver in the maze of moral ambivalences. To find “his” truth, the major goes to extremes, but his uncompromising black-and-white philosophy proves inadequate for apportioning blame.

Harvey Keitel – Major Steve Arnold
Stellan Skarsgård – Wilhelm Furtwängler
Moritz Bleibtreu – Lt. David Willis
Birgit Minichmayr – Emmi Straube
Ulrich Tukur – Helmut Alfred Rode
Oleg Tabakow – Colonel Dymschitz
Hanns Zischler – Rudolf Otto Werner

István Szabó – Director

Rated as highly recommended.