TV Movie

After the success of the two-part movie “Im Netz der Camorra”, Satel Film and good friends Filmproduktion produced another top-class TV thriller for ServusTV in late summer 2022. “The Hunted – Im Netz der Camorra” with Tobias Moretti, Harald Windisch, Antonia Moretti, Gerti Drassl, and many more was filmed around Bolzano and in Liguria until the beginning of October. The film was directed by Rick Ostermann and written by Stefan Brunner. The Hunted” was shown on ServusTV on 8 December 2022. In Germany, “The Hunted” can be found on Magenta TV.

Content of The Hunted: His past catches up with ex-Mafioso

After the violent conflict with Nino Sorrentino (“The Winemaker/ImNetz der Camorra” ran successfully as an event two-parter on ServusTV in autumn 2021), winemaker and ex-Mafioso Matteo DeCanin (Tobias Moretti) has negotiated a deal with the public prosecutor’s office. He testifies against his old clan, in exchange for which he and his family enter the witness protection programme and receive a new identity. But shortly before the family can be transferred to their new life, there is an assassination attempt in which Matteo’s wife Stephania dies. The cohesion between father and daughter Laura (Antonia Moretti) breaks down completely after the traumatic experience. In their joint exile on an island in the Mediterranean, the two live their lives past each other. When Laura can’t stand it any longer and leaves the safehouse, Matteo violates his obligations as a state witness and sets out alone to find her. His worst fear comes true: his daughter falls into the clutches of the Casavatore clan. Matteo must find Laura before her life is used against his.

“The Hunted – The Winemaker/Im Netz der Camorra” is a production of Satel Film GmbH and good friends Filmproduktions GmbH as well as ServusTV, supported by IDM Südtirol.

Tobias Moretti – Matteo DeCanin
Antonia Moretti – Laura DeCanin
Harald Windisch – Adrin Erlacher
Gerti Grassl – Antonia Romano

Rick Ostermann – Director
Stefan Brunner – Writer
Ralph Kaechele – DOP