Wiener Blut / Vienna Confidential – Berggericht

Satel Film struck a chord with audiences right away in 2019 with “Wiener Blut”. Up to 802,000 viewers (22 percent market share) followed Melika Foroutan on ORF 2 as Egyptian-Viennese prosecutor Fida Emam, who becomes embroiled in a murderous political plot. This success story is now being continued with “Wiener Blut – Berggericht.

A young woman, Laura Spindler, is picked up on a country road in the Weinviertel. Prosecutor Fida Emam is informed that the 18-year-old was kidnapped two years ago in a Viennese Heurigen district. She was able to escape from the wine cellar where her tormentor had held her captive. There is however still no trace of her friend, Emilia Schreiner, who also disappeared without a trace. The owner of the cellar, Paul Ritter, a Viennese antiques dealer, is arrested. But he maintains that he has nothing to do with the case. No one believes him. And so a race against time begins. Together with the inspector Markus Glösl, Fida Emam has to find the missing Emilia…

Top performers, including Melika Foroutan as the Egyptian-Viennese prosecutor, include a cast featuring Charlotte Schwab, who once again slips into the role of Fida’s mother Afifa Emam, Harald Windisch as inspector Markus Glösl, and Fritz Karl as the suspicious antiques dealer Paul Ritter.
Barbara Petritsch, Adina Vetter, Selina Graf, Barca Baxant, Wolfgang Lampl, Martin Edlinger, Günther Lainer, Julia Kneussel, Laura Euler-Rolle, Angelika Strahser, Anton Noori, Tina Haller and Manuel Sefciuc shine in supporting roles. Cinematographer Thea Adlung provides gripping images. The screenplay was once again written by ROMY award winner Martin Ambrosch.

“Wiener Blut – Berggericht” is a co-production of Satel Film with ORF and ZDF, supported by FISAplus, Fernsehfonds Austria and State of Lower Austria.

Melika Foroutan – Fida Emam
Charlotte Schwab – Afifa Emam
Harald Windisch – Markus Glösl
Fritz Karl – Paul Ritter
Barbara Petritsch – Trude Ritter
Adina Vetter – Christiane Koch
Selina Graf – Marie Schubert-Retzenthaler
Wolfgang Lampl – Peter Schweiger
Laura Euler-Rolle – Laura Spindler
Angelika Strahser – Anna Spindler
Anton Noori – Erich Schreiner
Manuel Sefciuc – Kripo

Katharina Heigl – director