A fortunate man

TV Movie

In cooperation with Nordisk – and with the support of the Austrian Television Fund – Satel Film shot parts of the mini-series “A Fortunate Man” in Vienna, Styria and Salzburg in 2017. A TV adaptation of the novel cycle “Lucky Per” (Hans im Glück) by the Danish author and Nobel Prize winner for literature Henrik Pontoppidan.

The 4-part TV event was directed by Oscar winner and two-time winner of the Palme d’Or Bille August, known for successes such as “Pelle, the Conqueror”, “Smilla’s Sense of Snow”, “The House of the Spirits” or “Les Misérables”.

In “A Fortunate Man”, director Bille August sketches the life of a young man who breaks with his deeply religious family to become an engineer. Years later, however, at the height of his career, his social background relentlessly catches up with him.

Esben Smed
Katrine Greis-Rosenthal

Bille August – Director