Series & Feature Series

Gruppenbild erste Ebene SOKO DONAU WIEN


is a humorous, urban crime series that shows all facets of the pulsating metropolis of Vienna. Exciting and authentic, the episodes tell the realistic everyday life of a department of the Vienna CID.

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The series “Night in Paradise” was produced in Berlin and Brussels based on the graphic novel of the same name by Frank Schmolke. The six-part miniseries focuses on a father and his daughter whose lives are turned upside down in one night.

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80 years after the death of the inventor of psychoanalysis, Robert Finster slips into the role of the young Sigmund Freud – but not on the couch between theory and analysis, but restless, dazzling and wildly on the hunt for murderers.

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A fortunate Man (AT Lucky Per)-Serie-2017

A fortunate man

In “A Fortunate Man”, director Bille August sketches the life of a young man who breaks with his deeply religious family to become an engineer. Years later, however, at the height of his career, his social background relentlessly catches up with him.

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Schlosshotel Orth-Serie-1996-2004

Schlosshotel Orth

A lakeside castle on a small island in the Austrian Traunsee provided the picturesque backdrop for the family series from 1996 to 2004. The 144 episodes describe life in the castle hotel primarily from the perspective of the hotel director. But the hotel staff and the guests’ vacation stories also play an important role.

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Die Piefke-Saga-Serie-1990-1992

Die Piefke-Saga

For years, the wealthy entrepreneur Friedrich Sattmann and his family have spent their summer holidays in the Tyrolean village of Lahnenberg. The Sattmann family has taken the inhabitants of the village to their hearts and is convinced that this affection is mutual.

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Schiff, Der Sonne entgegen. Serie 1985

Der Sonne entgegen

Four men – each of whom just wanted to go and buy cigarettes – decide not to return home. Fate brings these four men together in a small Croatian village, where they soon find themselves living on an old fishing boat held together only by its paint.

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Police commissioner Adolf Kottan and his bizarre team, the one-legged colleague Schremser and the dim-witted Inspector Schrammel, are on the trail of criminals, supported by Mrs. and Mama Kottan at home.

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