The Salzburg Murders

From the beginning of April until the beginning of May 2015, Florian Teichtmeister and Michael Fitz stood in front of the cameras in Salzburg as a pair of Austrian-Bavarian investigators. ‘ Die Toten von Salzburg’ is directed by Erhard Riedlsperger, who, alongside Klaus Ortner, is also responsible for the screenplay. Other stars include Erwin Steinhauer, Fanny Krausz, Harald Windisch, Simon Hatzl and, of course, the stunning setting of Mozart- and Festival city Salzburg and its surroundings.

“Die Toten von Salzburg” is a coproduction between ORF and ZDF, supported through the television fund Austria (Fernsehfonds Austria), Stadt Salzburg and the Land Salzburg.

When there’s a murder in the border region of Bavaria and Salzburg, it is not always clear under whose authority the investigations should fall. When crooked real estate broker Holzer is found dead, Salzburg’s Major Peter Palfinger and Bavarian Chief Inspector Hubert Mur join forces. However, their partnership is not voluntary and they are off to a bumpy start due to their differences in character and opposing professional approaches. While Mur is a straightforward rationalist who reaches his goals through perseverance, Palfinger is fascinated by the complexity of the human psyche. Bound to a wheelchair since a paragliding accident a year ago, he has a different perception of people and the environment, seeing things that may remain hidden to others. Incomplete paraplegia. This diagnosis was a radical turning point in Palfinger’s ife. The incorrigible optimist, however, takes it as a challenge. He is convinced that his paraplegia is curable and he trains hard to prove it. Eventually he wants to conquer the Untersberg again. Without a wheelchair. On his own two feet.