Der Metzger traut sich, ServusTV, Simon Schwarz, Valery Tscheplanowa

Der Metzger traut sich

With “Der Metzger traut sich” Satel Film revives the popular novel character “Der Metzger”. Produced for ServusTV, the thriller is centred on the somewhat eccentric restorer Willibald Adrian Metzger (Simon Schwarz), who keeps stumbling into crimes and other turbulences.

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Sequel to the successful two-part movie “The Winemaker/Im Netz der Camorra”. Matteo DeCanin is supposed to testify as a key witness against the Camorra. But shortly before he can be taken to a safe place with his family, his wife Stefania is murdered in cold blood.

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Soko Donau/Leipzig Crossover "Der vierte Mann"

SOKO Donau – Der vierte Mann

A kidnapped musician and his missing violin are the prelude to a series of murders whose victims were deeply involved in business connections between the GDR and Austria. The investigators of “SOKO Donau/Wien” and “SOKO Leipzig” work together to solve a cross-border case.

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Wiener Blut-Film-2018

Wiener Blut / Vienna Confidential

An Egyptian-Viennese family story with three very different women living in one household forms the framework of the highly suspenseful thriller “Wiener Blut”. Melika Foroutan plays the leading role of “Fida Emam”.

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Kottan ermittelt-rein ne va plus-Spielfilm 2010/Lukas Resetarits, Johannes Krisch, Marie Höriger

Kottan ermittelt – Rien ne vas plus

Rien ne va plus – The economy is going nowhere. The world is a dark hole of crises and bankruptcies. But in the police force everyone has fantasies of promotion. Except for Adolf Kottan, who is suspended. Indefinitely.

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Der Bär ist los-Film-2007

Der Bär ist los – The story of Bruno

Tyrol is in an uproar: a brown bear is on the loose. Even the highest political circles are concerned about Bruno. Animal rights activist Linde arrives to protect Bruno, zoo director Konrad wants to save his zoo from bankruptcy by mating Bruno with his bear Cilli, and bear hunter Hubert wants to catch Bruno and deport him to Italy.

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Die Jahrhundertlawine-Film-2008

Die Jahrhundertlawine / The grand avalanche

Anne and her boyfriend Marc are on standby duty at the mountain rescue service in the Tyrolean mountain village of Vent when they are called out on a mission: Anne’s brother Michael is in mortal danger. Despite their best efforts, the two are unable to save Michael and have to watch him fall to his death.

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Die Heilerin II-Film-2007

Die Heilerin II / The Healer II

Director Holger Barthel adapted Felix Mitterer’s screenplay in 2008, and it was to be Ruth Drexel’s last film. In the second and final part, it turns out that her granddaughter Laura has the same healing abilities as her grandmother.

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Many years have passed in which Martin has tried to forget what he saw on that night. When he reluctantly returns to his home village – and on St. Nicholas Day of all days – the ghosts of his childhood catch up with him again. Martin’s grandfather once died on St. Nicholas’ Day.

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Bild: Die Heilerin

Die Heilerin / The Healer

For a long time, Halfried Seelig forced herself not to make use of her special healing gift. When one day she does help a sick man, the news spreads quickly. Meanwhile, Meanwhile Halfried’s daughter Marion’s marriage is in crisis.

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Marie Bonaparte

Fascinating, intellectual and incredibly rich Marie Bonaparte, great-grandniece of Emperor Napoleon I, Princess of Greece and Denmark, was ahead of her time. Struggling for self-knowledge, her independence and sexual fulfillment.

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Taking Sides-Der Fall Furtwängler-Spielfilm_2002-Pressefoto-ORF-Harvey Keitel

Taking Sides – Der Fall Furtwängler

Based on true events shortly after the end of World War II in Berlin. As part of the denazification program of the Allies, a major of the U.S. Army is to investigate whether the world’s most respected conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler collaborated with the Nazis.

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Crime thriller set inTyrol with Harald Krassnitzer as Chief Inspector Eisner. First case for police school graduate Stefanie Gschnitzer (Roswitha Szyszkowitz): Richard Stecher, poacher and Elvis fan, was shot dead – on August 16th of all days, the anniversary of the “King’s” death.

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After the old head forester is shot by a poacher, a young man takes over the post who resolutely takes action against the savages. Awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize 1998.

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Opernball Satel Film 1988


The Vienna Opera Ball – the ball event of the year – becomes the target of a poison gas attack. The cameras keep rolling and broadcast the catastrophe live throughout Europe. Awarded the Golden Nymph of Monte Carlo 1998 and the Golden Screen Award 1999.

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A young lieutenant of petit-bourgeois origin, made a hero and elevated to the nobility for saving the Emperor’s life at the battle of Solferino, cannot identify with the practices in the name of political prudence, and leaves the army.

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Das weite Land-Spielfilm-1987/Luc Bondy, Michel Piccoli, Bulle Ogier

Das weite Land / The Distant Country

The time is around 1910, shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. A male-dominated circle, characterised by the upper middle classes, upwardly mobile nouveau riche, officers, doctors and artists, spends the time between sensuality and the agonies of love playing tennis, visiting the theatre and going on mountain tours.

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38-Auch das war Wien-Spielfilm-1986

38 – Auch das war Wien

1937 in Vienna. The young Carola Hell, a promising actress at the Theater an der Josefstadt, and the Jewish writer Martin Hoffmann ignore the signs of the times for a considerable while. Only when Hitler marches into Austria on March 11th 1938 do the two lovers decide to flee to Prague.

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Der Schüler Gerber-Spielfilm-1981

Der Schüler Gerber

The excellent film adaptation of the novella by Friedrich Torberg: Vienna in the interwar period. Kurt Gerber starts his last year at school before the Matura. His new class teacher is the strict mathematics professor Kupfer, who reacts with relentless harshness to Gerber’s poor performance and cheeky remarks.

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Kassbach, a vegetable seller in his mid-fifties, is a member of a right-wing extremist organisation that plans and carries out numerous attacks and assassinations in the Vienna area.

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Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald-Spielfilm-1979

Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald

Vienna around 1930. A young woman tries in vain to escape her social milieu. She is shattered by the morbid desires and moral abysses that hide behind the façade of the narrow-minded petty bourgeoisie.

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