TV Movie

The Vienna Opera Ball – the ball event of the year – becomes the target of a poison gas attack. The cameras keep rolling and broadcast the disaster live throughout Europe. The journalist Kurt Fraser becomes an eyewitness. He helplessly has to watch as his son, who works as a cameraman, is killed in the attack. Fraser is determined to find the murderers. In the course of his research, he uncovers the subversive activities of a neo-Nazi group. The longer he investigates, the more a terrible suspicion arises. Did the TV station know about the attack?

The production is usually broadcast in two parts with the titles Opernball – 1: The Victims and Opernball – 2: The Perpetrators. The plot is based on the novel of the same name by Josef Haslinger. The first broadcast of the two-part television production was on 15 March 1998 on ORF.

Heiner Lauterbach – Kurt Fraser
Franca Potente – Gabrielle Becker
Gudrun Landgrebe – Claudia Röhler

Urs Egger – Director

Awarded the Golden Nymph of Monte Carlo 1998 and the Golden Screen Award 1999