Universum History: Leopoldina Habsburg–Die Geburt des Modernen Brasilien-Dokumentation-2021

Universum History: Leopoldina Habsburg – The Birth of Modern Brazil

2022 marked the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s independence from the colonial power Portugal. The documentary tells the story of the genesis of the Brazilian republic and uses the life of the “mother of the country,” Leopoldine von Habsburg, to illuminate the path leading from the colony to the empire and finally to the military coup and republic in 1889.

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Lipizzaner – Könige und Krieger / Kings and Warriors

The origins of the famous white horses lie with the Berbers in North Africa. Long before they became the epitome of Austrian culture, the legendary equestrian people tamed these proud animals. Styrian nature filmmaker and “Romy” award winner Michael Schlamberger has created a cinematic monument to those horses.

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Putins Spiele-Dokumentation-2012

Putins Spiele / Putin`s Games

Winter Olympics in subtropical Sochi on the Black Sea, of all places. How Russian President Vladimir Putin made the summer resort of the rich and beautiful the venue for the XXII Winter Olympics.

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The high-end documentary format shows a sensitive approach to local communities, their inhabitants and their lives. As people describe their creative use of existing resources, a profound, distinctive and authentic portrait of their living space emerges.

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