Der Bär ist los – The story of Bruno

TV Movie
Der Bär ist los – The story of Bruno

In Xaver Schwarzenberger’s comedy based on a true story, a bear keeps Tyrol and Bavaria on their toes. Felix Mitterer wrote the screenplay and the film stars Erwin Steinhauer and Harald Krassnitzer.

Tyrol is in an uproar: a brown bear is on the loose. Even the highest political circles are concerned about Bruno.
Animal rights activist Linde arrives to protect Bruno, zoo director Konrad wants to save his zoo from bankruptcy by mating Bruno with his bear Cilli, and bear hunter Hubert wants to catch Bruno and deport him to Italy.

Harald Krassnitzer – Konrad Rettensteiner
Fritz Karl – Hubert Wolfgruber
Nadeshda Brennicke – Linde Blümel
Erwin Steinhauer – Regional Governor
Johann Nikolussi – Romed Krautschneider

Felix Mitterer – Writer
Xaver Schwarzenberger – Director