Wiener Blut / Vienna Confidential

TV Movie

An Egyptian-Viennese family story with three very different women living in one household forms the framework of the new highly suspenseful political thriller “Wiener Blut”. Melika Foroutan plays the leading role of “Fida Emam”, a Viennese prosecutor who is called in by policeman Markus Glösl (Harald Windisch) to investigate an alleged suicide. A man is hanging from a rope under a bridge across the Danube. Glösl has justified doubts due to the circumstances. He wants Fida to apply for the body to be opened and to initiate proceedings: on suspicion of murder. The chase begins and soon leads the young woman from opulent inner-city palaces to backyard mosques and the nocturnal banks of the Danube, to the spectacular showdown at Vienna’s main railway station.

The film directed by Barbara Eder is a co-production of Satel Film with ORF and ZDF, funded by Fernsehfonds Austria and Filmfonds Wien. Wiener Blut” was produced by Bettina Kuhn. The screenplay was written by Martin Ambrosch. Martin Gschlacht was behind the camera.

At the 37th Munich Film Festival, “Wiener Blut” celebrated its world premiere in the “New German Television” series at the Gloria Filmpalast on 28 June 2019 to great applause. The first broadcast on ORF on 6 October 2019 was watched by up to 807,000 viewers.

On 23 May 2020, Noelia Chirazi received the Golden ROMY for “Best Newcomer Actress” for her role of Aline Emam.

Melita Foroutan – Fida Emam
Harald Windisch – Markus Glösl
Charlotte Schwab – Afifa Emam
Noelia Chirazi – Aline Emam
Florian Teichtmeister – Guntram Schneider
Harald Schrott – Stefan Meer
Hassan Kello – Djamal Hemidi
Stipe Erceg – Ahmed Rahimsai
Martin Niedermair – Michael Körner
Lilian Klebow – Andrea Körner
and many more

Barbara Eder – Director
Martin Ambrosch – Writer
Martin Gschlacht – DoP

Kurier ROMY 2020 – “Best Newcomer Actress” Noelia Chirazi