Marie Bonaparte

TV Movie

Fascinating, intellectual and incredibly rich Marie Bonaparte, great-grandniece of Emperor Napoleon I, Princess of Greece and Denmark, was ahead of her time. Struggling for self-knowledge, her independence and sexual fulfillment. Because of her frigidity, she sought treatment from Freud. Beyond the close doctor-patient relationship, a deep and conflictual friendship and a lively scientific collaboration developed. With vigorous personal and financial commitment, she helped Freud and his family to emigrate to London after the Nazi seizure of power and the annexation of Austria, where Freud died the following year in 1939. Marie Bonaparte contributed significantly to the dissemination of Freud’s work, became a psychoanalyst herself, and paved the way for French psychoanalysis. She practiced until her death in 1962.

Catherine Deneuve – Marie Bonaparte
Heinz Bennent – Sigmund Freud
Anna Bennent
Sebastian Koch
Elisabeth Orth
Gertraud Jesserer
Fritz von Friedl

Benoît Jacquot – Director