Watch out for the garden gnome – SOKO investigates in the allotment gardens

16/08/2023 – At the beginning of August, the crew of Satel Film had chosen an extremely tranquil spot as the crime scene for the 8th episode of SOKO Donau “Tod im Schrebergarten (AT)” (Death in the Allotment Garden): a small settlement by the Süßenbrunn bathing pond. Between lawnmowers and compost heaps, a murder with a barbecue spit had to be solved. The last scene, when Martin Gruber was presented with a garden gnome in police uniform, generated a lot of laughter.

The 8th episode from the 19th season of SOKO Donau with the working title “Tod im Schrebergarten” (Death in the Allotment Garden) is set in the ideal world of allotment gardeners. But the idyll is deceptive as the investigators Andreas Kiendl, Lilian Klebow, Martin Gruber, Maria Happel and SOKO Donau newcomer Max Fischnaller have to solve the murder of Harald Baermeister, played by Roman Frankl. The poor man was found dead by his wife at the garden table. In his heart … a skewer! In addition to Frankl, the other roles are also well cast with Alexander Jagsch, Nikolaus Barton, Demet Gül, Martina Spitzer, Alexander Strobele and Susanne Brandt. The director is Olaf Kreinsen. Kai Longolius is behind the camera.

Attention spoilers! At the end of filming, filming author Sigrid Neudecker came up with something symbolic for Chief Inspector Max Herzog (Martin Gruber). The presentation of a garden gnome in uniform for his successful investigative work. Gruber surprised with his deep knowledge of “nanology”, i.e. the science of garden gnomes. “Garden gnomes can be divided into animate and inanimate, as well as into well-behaved and naughty gnomes. The animate ones are usually made of clay and hand-painted, the inanimate ones are made of rubber. And you can tell whether they are good or bad by the pose they adopt. So I would say: My Inspector Garden Gnome is naughty and inanimate,” Gruber laughed.